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Our Leading with Compassion™ training is an evidence-based program that addresses implicit biases and stereotypes, and develops inclusive interpersonal and leadership skills.


Our training is distinctive in its emphasis on helping participants recognize how implicit biases manifest in their own experiences, and develop actionable skills to minimize the negative impact of biases in their workplace interactions. 

The training program includes the following topics, customized to the client’s industry or occupational context: 

  1. Facilitating crucial conversations about diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in the client’s work environment.

  2. Elevating awareness of how implicit biases and stereotypes manifest in the client’s work environment.

  3. Developing inclusive leadership and cultural competency skills that are designed to empower communication, bystander intervention, conflict management, and shared accountability for elevating DEI.



We conduct team development training that provides tools to launch, monitor, and intervene to sustain highly effective teams. The training program emphasizes structured discussions about critical team issues.





We conduct highly customizable assessments of organizations' culture and climate. We apply sophisticated analytics to a mix of quantitative surveys and qualitative focus groups to develop nuanced understanding of the culture from the perspectives of different employee groups.

Our clients use the insights from these cultural assessments to make strategic decisions about how to allocate resources toward the most effective and efficient interventions.







Morpho Leadership Development provides mediation of workplace conflicts, and facilitation of team building and strategic planning.


  • We approach these tasks as process managers, responsible for guiding a constructive discussion toward problem solving.

  • Our clients are always the subject matter experts who retain ultimate responsibility for the outcomes they achieve.

  • We emphasize participation and active listening, making sure that all voices are heard, all assumptions tested, and all interests represented.


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